Friday, June 14, 2019

Garden Friday-Butterfly Bed Revisited


This was our newly planted pollinator bed last June.


 It's filled out a bit.
Amazing what the right conditions can do, eh?

With the exception of the sunflowers you see towering over everything in the bed,
all of these plants overwintered and came back.
The pollinators are very appreciative.
And so are we!

 The dwarf bee balm has spread quite a bit.

Bees and wasps are drawn to it like a magnet.
The vibrant color really makes it stand out amongst all the green.

 One flower I enjoy in any color or size is the zinnia.

They are prolific and make me smile in every stage of growth.

Coneflowers are loved by bees and butterflies alike.
Count me in there too,
it is one of my all-time favorites.

 The catnip has gone bonkers thanks to the ideal spot.
I'm not sure if any of the neighborhood cats partake of it,
but it is such an easy-care plant,
that it has earned a place in the butterfly bed.

 One of the best flowers for arrangements is the Rudbeckia.
The more blooms you snip to bring indoors,
the more full it becomes.
It just screams summer!

Lantana surprisingly overwintered just fine.
It surprised me, as there were no changes until the last two weeks.
It came back gangbusters thanks to our recent gifts of rain.
You'll see this plant constantly covered with pollinators.

The other flower beds are filling up with gorgeous blooms 
and providing a lot of nectar for critters.
The bonus is that we get to enjoy the beauty of every magnificent blossom.
I'm glad I took the time to work on the flower beds this spring.
We are all reaping the benefits.


  1. It looks like everything is very happy in that bed! And the pollinators too. Beautiful!

  2. Yes, we certainly hope so. ;0D

  3. Absolutely beautiful!! That dwarf bee balm is really pretty - I'm going to add that to my list of things to add to my front yard bed.

    1. It's so easy too, no care at all. And the pollinators adore it!


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