Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Community Garden Workday for June (2019)

With sunny skies overhead on Saturday,
we had a productive workday at the Community Garden 
in Denver, North Carolina.
Our group gets together on the 3rd Saturday each month
to tend to the garden and enjoy fellowship.

The garden is bursting with color, texture and variety!
A handful of volunteers worked on a few specific tasks.
My first goal at these events, is to take pictures of what's growing.
Here's a look at the mid-June garden offerings.

The green beans look vibrant and healthy!
The crop is overtaking most of this bed.

This curly kale is spectacular!
It was so tempting to take a sampling,
but this bed is privately leased.
Folks from the community who may not have room to grow veg at home,
are able to rent beds in the community garden,
so that they can still enjoy freshly grown produce.

We were relieved to see how well the new irrigation system
is working.
It's taken some time,
but it seems that everything is getting watered evenly.

Flowers in a veggie garden are a good sign of things to come,

and this eggplant was ready for harvesting.
As a volunteer, I was able to take a few home
from one of the community beds.
It was grilled to perfection and every bite savored.

The okra along the perimeter fence
is starting to get some size to it.
No doubt these will be prolific producers,
providing those in need with ample food for their table.
Most of the crops in the community beds
are donated to the local food pantry.

It was wonderful to see the lavender doing so well.

Several types of squash are growing here,
including yellow summer and zucchini squash.

Oooops, this one got away.

The loofah is being grown in this corner bed
and will be used as part of a fundraiser for The Garden.
We have some growing at home that we will be able to donate as well.
It has recently taken off with the onset of summer-like heat.

Countless tomatoes could be found,
in all stages of ripeness.

Someone will be able to enjoy them right off the vine,
or collect them for freezing or canning.
Hoping I don't jinx anyone,
the fruit and foliage all look free from bug damage.

With a couple of us on weed duty,
we were able to tidy up almost all of the community boxes.
There will always be weeds,
we just stay at it each and every month.

Another group was laying out landscape fabric
in front of the tool shed.
This is an area where picnic tables occupy space for summer campers,
who participate in a number of activities.
Mulch was added on top of the fabric,
and we hope this will deter weeds in this area.
I'll get a picture of the finished project next month.

A gorgeous and gratifying morning's work.
It is so rewarding to spend time doing something for the greater good.
I really can't think of a better way to spend the day.

The East Lincoln Community Garden
is located at 1601 Forney Creek Pkwy
Denver, NC  28037


  1. That's a wonderful thing you're all doing there. Beautiful veggies!

  2. Yes, it's very rewarding. ;0D

  3. Such a wonderful community project! I bet it's enjoyable to be a part of it. Everything looks so nice!

    1. It's a wonderful place to spend some time.


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