Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thrifty Thursday-Wreath Redo

I've had this wreath for some time.
It had tons of stuff on it-
I mean, what was I thinking?
In keeping with the simplicity theme,
a change was in order.

This grapevine wreath was hanging in the master bedroom
just like this.
I like the simple beauty of it.

I took some of what I had on the original wreath...

and while sorting out some things in the closet for donation,
found this box.

Our new autumn wreath.
Not too much, just a few reminders of what the season holds.
Thrifty means not wasting what you have.
I think this counts!


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  1. I agree, sometimes less is more.

    1. I just need to keep it in mind with every project.

  2. Your wreath is very cute, and so is the frog in the prior post. We have little tree frogs that get in our potted ferns - I must remember to check for them before the ferns come in for the winter!


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