Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Demonstration Garden

The local extension center
sponsors a few demonstration gardens
throughout our county.
These gardens feature native or Florida-friendly plants
and exhibit ways to enhance public places
using drought-tolerant and low maintenance plant materials.

This garden is directly outside of the extension office
in Bartow, the county seat.

This beautyberry is loaded
and surely must be a favorite of the birds.

The leaves on this amazing specimen
were as big as my hand!
They prefer swampy conditions.

This beach sunflower is not only drought resistant,
but is salt tolerant as well,
for those who live near the coastline.

This mimosa was simply amazing.
Its blooms remind me of "Horton Hears a Who".

So many textures, colors, varieties.

Garden tips are sprinkled throughout the area.

It helps that plants are identified.

It's no wonder the bees feel very welcome here.

I'm not big on roses,
but these were really sensational.

These gallardia look so vintage.

With such a variety of plants,
all kinds of visitors can find what they're looking for.

This perennial peanut is a wonderful ground cover
that can tolerate dry spells and heat.
It is affected by freezes, but it bounces back.
Would I love to replace our St. Augustine sod with this!

Read about the 9 principles here.

These homemade planters were a clever idea
for growing herbs or strawberries.
What a great use of recycled materials!

A large composting demonstration area
shows how to use common items to complete your project.

Whenever I visit these gardens,
there is always something new to see.
What a gift to the community and
to gardeners who crave to learn more!


  1. Nice post, Daisy. I agree that the Extension Service's Demonstration Gardens are a great source of ideas and inspiration -- for free! I love the handmade planters made from 2-liter soda bottles - that is a unique and useful kind of "bottle tree!"

    1. Thanks, Nanette. Yeah, the bottle tree is great for folks who lack space for a larger garden. Thanks for visiting!


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