Monday, October 8, 2012

Master Gardener Plant Sale

This weekend the Master Gardener Plant Sale
was held at our local extension center.
It's always a great place to load up on natives
or Florida-friendly additions to the garden.
This year was a browsing year,
as I'm not looking to add to our Florida-friendly yard.
You can read about last year's
acquisitions here.

This year, plants were placed
under cover in the horse stalls.

This ornamental grass is drought tolerant.

There were some veggies available.

Free soil tests were done by expert gardeners.

Ours turned out to be very slightly acid.
Basically, that just means that no amendments
are needed at this time.

Inside, demonstrations of different garden projects
were displayed.
Here's a wonderful fountain that could be used inside or out.

Even though no specimens were acquired today,
there's always something new to learn.

we'll visit the demonstration garden
here at the extension center.
Hope you can come along!


  1. You are so lucky to live somewhere that you can access such a knowledge base! Looking forward to the demonstration garden pictures tomorrow :)


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