Thursday, January 20, 2011

Storage Solutions

Being organized is in my nature. 
Here are some helpful ways I keep things 
around the homestead.

Baskets in the linen closet keep our towels, 
rags, sheets, extra pillows
and blankets where we can easily access them 
if company comes to call.  
***We retweaked this linen closet here.***

Under the lil' guy's bathroom sink, 
we keep all of his toiletries.

 Here's a trick I picked up along the way.  
Use an old tissue box
for keeping your plastic garbage can liners. 
With the advent of the reusable fabric shopping bag, 
this won't be around much longer!

Books, books, books!  We love books around here. 
When we redecorated the lil' guy's room 
in the Wall-e theme,
we found these industrial-looking bins 
for his large collection of books.

 These are labeled and placed on the bottom shelf 
of his large Lego cabinet
(for works in progress),
so that the weight is not an issue 
when searching for that perfect read.
***See our updated boy's room here.***

 These cabinets (3 large drawers, 1 small) 
were purchased with the intention
of helping our Lego Master 
to keep things as tidy as possible. 
It's doing its job, although we need to add on!
One of the hallmarks of autism 
is the difficulty with organizational tasks. 
This cabinet assists him in building up that skill.
**See our updated Lego storage here.***

 It's wonderful to have books accessible
when that rare occasion 
for an afternoon perusal comes about.
I especially love reading 
when there's a good thunderstorm brewing.
We are blessed to have ample space 
in our master bedroom
to accommodate a reading nook 
and a coffee table to hold a cup of coffee or tea.

A special basket in the living room designated for
library materials keeps things from getting lost
and one stop will get us out the door
when it's time to return them.

 This table perfectly houses this farm basket.
***See how we repurposed this table here.***

Not everything has to have a utilitarian purpose, 
although that is my usual requirement. 
I've had these corncob baskets for years 
and never put anything in them. 
These handmade treasures act as art pieces 
in their own right.

The other three farm baskets roost over our hall tree, 
again completely empty. 
I'm not a chachki kinda gal, 
so I use adornments sparingly. 
I think it makes them that much more special. 


  1. I hope in reading your blog some of your organization rubs off on me. I would love to have everything in its place.

  2. Jane-I don't think it works that way! ;P

  3. I love all your baskets and bins! I seem to always collect more stuff than will fit in my storage receptacles. Good work on all your organizing!

  4. Floridagirl-That's your cue to purge!

  5. Oh, Daisy...I can only dream about being this organized. My problem is that I get things organized, but they never seem to stay that way. At the age of 10, my daughter is finally starting to show some sign of keeping things organized. Now, if only I can get myself to put things back in their place. I like the way you highlighted your sentence with the white highlighting. Very clever and it looks good on the beige background. Have a great weekend!

  6. Susan-It's really the starting that's difficult. Once you have a system in place, it's just a matter of habit. Good on your daughter!

    Thanks for the kind words. Stay toasty!

  7. Excellent ideas. We are up to our ankles in Legos - where did you find those red storage bins with drawers? If you don't mind my asking, of course! Thanks.

  8. What would the world be w/o baskets? You have so many cute ones, and have put them to good use. Love the metal ones!

  9. Love your Lego organizer! So great! I have a 12 year old son who is autistic too...and LOVES Legos, too!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

  10. houseblendfamily-Not at all! We found them at our local big box hardware store. They are usually used for screws, nuts and bolts.

    AlexisAnne-Thanks for the kind words!

    Becky B-Thank you! It seems to be a common interest with our kids.

  11. I like those shelves for the lego master!


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