Monday, January 10, 2011

Natural hair mask

Yesterday was my first attempt 
at trying to create a natural hair care product.  
My hair has been extremely dry for some time. 
It tangles easily and even feels dry when it's wet-
how does that happen?  
never color it and don't even blow-dry it on a regular basis, 
but I guess being outside in the sun has taken its toll.  
I don't plan to discontinue my daily outdoor ritual, 
 so I decided to try to make a conditioner  
with ingredients I had at home. 
It was so easy. 

I just mashed a small avocado in a bowl, 
added about 2 tablespoons of olive oil and voila!  
I applied it on my hair and left it for about 30 minutes, 
while I did some baking for the little one.  
Then I washed my hair (twice) and rinsed it well.  
I have to say that it does feel much softer.  

I'm going to do this once a month and
experiment with some other treatments too.  
It feels great being able to provide myself with
a spa treatment that I would never think of
spending time and money on.  
Being extremely low-maintenance and practical, 
it wouldn't feel right.  
It puts a different twist on it though,
when you are creating it for yourself. 
Love the feeling of self-reliance! 


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