Friday, January 14, 2011

A Few Hearty Survivors

I know it's only the beginning of January, 
but I can't recall a colder winter 
since we've lived in Central Florida.  
Even my relatives up north are willing to admit 
that we are getting some of what they are used to.

It's sad to say, 
but most of our gardens  are a monotone of brown, 
but there are a few
green specimens left to give us hope.

Parsley ready to harvest

The milkweed is hangin' in there.

The delicate allyssum isn't afraid of cold nights.

I think Meems over at Hoe and Shovel
has the right idea.  It's a good idea to plant
with the frosts and freezes in mind, instead
of trying to frantically run around covering up
every single thing in your garden.  
I think I'm done with that.  
If it's not hearty, it's not stayin'!
Maybe that's asking a lot 
considering the variance of temperatures 
we have been experiencing as of late,
but I'm willing to take the chance.  
After all, what's the worst that could happen? 
Maybe a trip to the nursery for a bit of perusing?

These are like a ray of sunshine, even on the dreariest of days.

One of two rosemary bushes that just keeps on going...

Can't believe these came back!

I'm not even sure what's in here, but I'm sure it'll be lovely!


  1. Yep, we are all getting a harder winter than normal. I have been watching the news reports on Florida and I feel so bad for so many of the farmers who are loosing their whole crop. But that is what farming is all about.

  2. I'm glad to see you've still got some green around. Your post reminded me to plant more rosemary plants. I love the look, color and scent of this plant, but I only have one planted. Good luck in replacing some of your tender tropicals.

  3. Your rosemary looks great! I need to plant some of that. Last winter was far worse for us here in the valley. By far worse, I mean two degrees, hehe. (Knock on wood--I know we're not out of the woods yet.) I can tell the difference in the damage in my garden, which is not quite as bad. Hopefully, the worst is over. Better yet, hopefully, we won't see any more freezes this year. Some of my "brown" plants are root hardy, and I would never get rid of them...firebushes and dewdrops, for instance. They are just too valuable for wildlife. They grow huge again by summer, even after a bad winter.

  4. Daisy,
    Every bit of green these days is refreshing. I just love my Rosemary. I am more successful with it in containers so it can dry out better. I've got some in the ground, too but it never looks quite as erect as the clumps in pots.

    I'm going with foundational plants must be hardy both summer and winter. They are the majority! And gaining more power in numbers. Then I plant the more tender things throughout the garden. There are other root hardy plants I can't be without even though they freeze back every year.

  5. Let's hope that spring comes early this year y'all!

  6. I am absolutely GREEN with envy over your green! For a sprig of fresh parsley...;)

  7. Lisa-I'd send you some if I could!

  8. My rosemary survived also. I wanted to ride around the neighborhood and take notes on what survived and what didn't. But, I wonder if what survived the frost/freeze would do well in the drought. I am thinking of building a little greenhouse for the potted plants next year instead of moving them in and out of the garage. Some even died in the garage, anyway. I guess it will be a plantin' come Spring. I wonder if it's over? Brianne

  9. Brianne-I do the same thing when I talk my morning walk! It seems our conditions are becoming more extreme with each season. Let's hope the frigid cold is gone for a while!


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