Sunday, January 2, 2011

Welcoming in the New Year

Here are some things I am inviting into my life in the coming year:

Visit a state park once a month.

Learn to knit.

Spend one day a month volunteering.

Give blood four times.

Make our own laundry soap, shampoo and body wash.

Take time on Fridays to scrapbook.

Add six new recipes to my menu-by-the-month plan.

Read for pleasure every day.

Become adept at finding new uses for what we have.

Send more letters of gratitude.

Write one published article.

Mail postcards to friends just because.

Spend a few days each month reorganizing
one area of the house.

Change the pictures on the walls.

Engage my lil' guy in a physical activity everyday.

Acquire a bike and use it often.

Learn more about bartering for the things we want.

Increase yoga time to 30 minutes per day.

Decrease the use of white sugar.

Learn more about the technical aspects of blogging.

Revise the Household Notebook.

Wake up saying "Thank you".

Sending blessings out to all who come this way
in the New Year.  Thank you for sharing,
for caring and for helping me
become more of who I am.


  1. Wow. That is a notable list of can-do's! I like it and I shall steal a few of them for my own food-for-thought. I bought a book on how to make soap and haven't cracked it open yet. It is something I've wanted to do for a long time. You are going to be so accomplished by the end of 2011. I'm cheering you on. Blessings and joy ... enough for today. *hugs*

  2. Those are all so wonderful! Good for you on your beautiful list. I may hijack a few of yours and use them myself. The giving blood one is great, good for you! I also love your one about state parks and scrapbooking.
    I need to post me a list soon, but now mine will look bad because everyone elses are all so original... lol.
    Thanks for sharing and I can't wait to hear about your journey!

  3. Thanks, Meems. I've found so many helpful blogs explaining how to make soap, conditioners, lotions, etc. Maybe a busy day in the dirt will nudge you to open that book!

    Homesteading Quest-I try to remember that it's not a competition. I believe we're all in this together. I started giving blood last year and it felt good to give back in that small way. I guess it's a way to show my gratitude for my good health.

  4. Inspiring! I also like to make a list of intentions at the beginning of each year. I especially like your "Wake up saying 'Thank you'". Such a positive way to start each day.

  5. Heather-Your first thoughts of the day can make or break it!


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