Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Going Local Series-Gastonia ReStore

We are frequent visitors to the 
Habitat for Humanity ReStores.
Habitat for Humanity is a home building organization
whose goal is to create housing for all.

These outlet stores sell a myriad of items for the home.
The proceeds from donated goods go back into the program.
This huge store in Gaston County has been open for 30 years.
You can find it at 1840 E Franklin Blvd in Gastonia,
which is about a 30 minute drive for us.
Here's their website.

If you are looking for furniture, this is a great place to browse.
With this much square footage, there are dozens of pieces 
from which to choose.

 Every item has been donated by someone.
ReStores accept not only furniture,
but lighting fixtures, construction materials and hardware.

 For those just starting out with their first home or apartment,
it's a great place to search for discounted furnishings.
Some folks customize pieces to fit their own needs,
a la "Flea Market Flip" on HGTV.

 All electrical items are in working order,
unless otherwise marked.
The cashier encouraged us to plug in the iron we were buying,
to be sure that it worked.
It did.

Even something as large as a piano can be found here.

 I had my eye on these lockers,
mostly because I loved the shade of blue.
Storage is always a good thing to add to your homestead.
Alas, I have no room for them in our small house.

 This set of rooster dinnerware was so vintage-looking.

 Shelves and shelves of books awaited perusing.
Most looked to be in excellent condition
and could be picked up for a song.

Since it was after the holidays,
this clearance table displayed real bargains.
Each year we downsize our decor a bit more,
but it was fun to see what they had for sale.

We each found a little something.
This corkboard looks brand new,
and works just perfectly hung over our desk area.
It will help me keep my schedule, outgoing bills
and sweet reminders of good times past.
I think I paid $2.00 for it, including the pushpins!

We feel good purchasing used items
because we are keeping them out of the landfill
by giving them a longer life.
You can find your local ReStore here.

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