Friday, January 25, 2019

Garden Friday

Welcome to Garden Friday!
Planting time is growing closer
and we hope to have a successful season.
Until we can get our hands dirty,
a little planning has to take place.
The first seed order has been officially placed!

This is the first year I am ordering from High Mowing Organic Seeds.
I first learned about them on one of my favorite PBS shows,
"Growing a Greener World".
They are a conscientious company that originated in the founder's backyard.
He began saving seeds as a teenager, selling to friends
and now owns this amazing company
that offers over 600 varieties of heirloom, open-pollinated and hybrid seeds.
If you want to learn more about the story, read this
High Mowing offered me free shipping on orders of $10 or more.
I had no problem meeting that amount!

 The first step in my seed ordering process
is to see what I have on hand.
No need to spend money on varieties I already have,
and that way, I can try a few new things this spring.
I made a list of all of my current seeds
(this is only page 1).

 My seeds are divided up into four containers (two shown here).
The spring/summer seeds and the fall/winter seeds take up two bins.
I have two other bins, one for herbs and one for flowers.
I gathered my containers, made my list
and began to peruse the seed catalogues.

 Because I was able to obtain quite a few seed packages 
from Extension's big giveaway last fall,
and was gifted some by fellow gardeners,
I don't really need to order too much.

Of course, that doesn't mean that I won't.
I am starting to lean more toward heirlooms,
based on the ability to save seeds year after year.
That really appeals to my common sense
and longing for self-sufficiency.
My seeds are organized in alphabetical order,
to make it easy to find just what I'm looking for. 
Once I made note of what I had on hand,
it was a bit less daunting to narrow down the new acquisitions.
Those seed packets all look so alluring.

 I also had my planting guide nearby,
so I know when I need to start seedlings.
I'm sure there are plenty gardeners who are just itching to sow 
Lettuce and kale starts will most likely be sown in the next couple of weeks.
I have a new place to cultivate them
that I just recently decided on.
With the state of the weather around these parts lately,
starting seedlings should help me get through the worst of it.

My order should get here early next week.
It's like my birthday and Christmas 
all rolled into one when that box arrives.

How's your spring garden planning coming along?


  1. I look forward to this every single year! :) I can't wait to get my hands in the dirt!!

    1. I'm sure after all of the snow y'all get, spring is even more welcome!


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