Friday, January 18, 2019

Garden Friday

I love me some trees.
Every trip to a state park leads to
dozens of pictures of beautiful, statuesque trees.
They are part of my spirit.
I am humbled by their generosity.

Sad as it was, our oak tree was felled.
It had to happen.
Big K was worried every time we had any winds or an onslaught of rain.
 We've seen it happen to neighbors' trees.
Big, mighty trees.
We've gotten so much rain this past year
and time and time again,
the weather is filled with reports of the soil around trees
being so saturated with rain water that the trees topple.

This one was not only leaning toward the house,
but it had a double leader way up on top
that caused it to be weaker and more vulnerable to falling. 

We are planning to save the stump to use as a table top.
It will serve as a reminder of what once stood here.
Perhaps a new native garden will be planted around it.

 Once the tree service cut it down,
our neighbor took care of the rest of the trimming.
He will be able to sell the wood to folks who need it.
The tree will continue to provide for others,
even after its demise.

We will be installing our live Christmas tree
near our wooded area.
It should be able to live out its life there,
with no worry about being too close to the house.
We will most likely be replacing the felled oak
with something a bit smaller, maybe a dwarf fruit tree.

No doubt Big K will sleep much better from now on.

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