Friday, January 20, 2017

Going Local-New Library

I've decided to start this new series.
As we are new to the area,
we will have a lot of discovering to do about resources.
We'll add to this series as we get to know more about our community.

I'd been jonesing for some good books.
Fortunately, there is a library about 10 minutes from our rental house 
here in Central North Carolina.

The Sherrills Ford library branch is easy to find
and centrally located. 
The address is  9154 Sherrills Ford Road
and their phone number is (828) 466-6827.

This library is LEED certified,
which means that it is energy efficient.
It's also a handsome building.
Using local building materials, installing native landscaping,
and using sensors that automatically turn lights off in unused rooms
are some of the ways in which the library saves energy and keeps costs down. 
You can watch a video about the process here.

 The woods make a beautiful backdrop
as you head back to your vehicle.

I love that Veterans get preferential parking spaces. 
These spots are also reserved for electric cars.

A new library is so exciting and full of possibilities! 
This branch replaces the previous one
at a nearby location that had served the community 
for almost 40 years!

Books, books, books! 
There are books, videos, music C/Ds
and a bank of computers for patrons to utilize.

 The children's section is expansive.
What kid wouldn't want to explore this massive space?
It's wonderful how inviting the library is for children.
What better way to get them hooked on books for a lifetime?

 Don't you love those fun seats around the table in the foreground?
I bet they are great for all the squirmers out there (including me).
I think I'm gettin' the itch to do another random act of kindness
where we place crisp dollar bills in childrens' books.
It is SO fun!

A large conference room is available for classes and workshops. 
A full working kitchen is available in this area.

Books for sale were very reasonably priced.
Wouldn't it be great to stock up on these
and donate them to kids during the holidays?

This library will be getting a lot of use from us
while we are living in this town.
So comforting to know that a whole host of books
are awaiting us in this beautiful building.

On the way home, I ran into this.
A bad accident was blocking the only road to our house.
Being new to the area, I wasn't sure how to get back another way.
Wouldn't you know,
I went to call Big K (my personal GPS),
and my phone wasn't working.
I sat for a while, quite content with my big bag of fresh library books,
but then was asked to turn around and get off the road.
Reluctantly, I drove to the fire station
(literally down the street the other direction),
and one of the firefighters was kind enough to direct me to my destination.
(We brought them an apple pie the next day to show our appreciation.) 

I think I'm gonna like it here.

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