Friday, June 30, 2017

Garden Friday

On this Garden Friday's post,
I thought I'd take you on my daily walk
in our new neighborhood.
There is a lot to see!

 I've been so impressed with the gardens I've seen here.
Many of our neighbors have a green thumb.

 Shasta daisies are one of my favorites
and it brought a smile to my face to see this display.

One of the best things about our community
is the vast amount of mature trees here.
So much of the natural landscape was left
when the neighborhood was built
and it is so appealing.

At least a half a dozen or so veggie beds have been discovered.

 I'm hoping to meet these folks soon,
as their yard is absolutely beautiful.
They have backyard chickens,
which is something we'd like to add to our homestead.
Can I just tell you how glad we are to be out of the HOA?!

 Their vegetable garden is thriving as well.
They obviously know what they're doing.
It does my heart good to know that there are gardeners about.
It's a well-known fact that gardeners are generous souls.

 This zebra grass is stunning!
I will have to find a source for this,
as I can see it used as a border along the street.

Many of our neighbors have gotten creative
with regard to the grade changes in their yards.
Just look at this gorgeous planting along this sloped driveway.

Hostas are something I've always wanted to grow.
In Florida, it never happened because of the heat.
My garden was not shady enough to support them.
It will be a real treat to see them growing in our woodland garden out back.

The glads are blooming all over the community.
They come in a wide array of colors,
including this coral shade.
We have some on our property,
and I need to remember to go out and stake them.
They get so heavy, that they are often lying on the ground.

 A few other souls were out at the same time I was walking.
We do see wild rabbits sprinting about.

Imagine my surprise when I walked past this mailbox
and a bird whisked off into the air.
Once I peeked in, I understood why.
Hopefully, the newspaper delivery person has found an alternative place for their paper to land.

This poor fella was being harassed by a couple of mockingbirds.
Eventually, he grew tired of their bullying, and flew off.

This is the wooded area of our property,
which forms a border on the eastern side of the house.
It's a blessing to be able to observe all of the nature that abounds here.
We have so many birds visiting every day,
and their songs are a joyful awakening each morning.

 Some of the apples on our fruit trees are ripening,
but it's hard to beat the squirrels and deer to get them.
It amazes me that God is providing for us in so many ways.

When I begin the day walking through this lovely place,
it summons gratitude beyond measure.
And fortunately, 
these are the only bears we will probably see.

Hoping you have somewhere to stroll
that brings you peace and joy.

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