Friday, June 9, 2017

Garden Friday

Let's begin Garden Friday this week with something to celebrate.

"Yes, we have some tomatoes,
we have some tomatoes to-daa-aay."
(Remember the song, "Yes, we have no bananas"?)
What a glorious sight these beauties were to see this week.
With less than 2 weeks left on our lease,
we shall see if we can harvest even one of these San Marzano tomatoes
before we move to the new house.

I have yet to harvest even a salad's worth of leaves
on this Red Salad Bowl.
I'm thinking it may just be a wash
and will attempt to try this variety again at the end of summer
for a fall crop.

The carrots are doing well
and will continue to grow in this bucket at the new place.

Not sure if the beets will be getting much bigger,
as summer temperatures are drawing near.
Perhaps finding a bit of shade would help them along.

As we conveyed last week,
the worms got to the cauliflower out front.
The leaves are just shredded.
This is another crop I can restart for fall harvest.

The apple tree that was trimmed a few weeks back
if still fruiting.
Literally half of the tree was cut away
after it toppled to the ground.
The remaining half is bearing fruit,
although they are small and seem to have some disease issue.

These started sprouting up a couple of weeks back.
I think they are elephant ears,
something I never thought would grow here.
I always think of this as a tropical plant,
but it's thriving with the consistent rains.

This dusty miller has been blooming for months.
It's starting to reseed itself.
It makes such a wonderful contrast against the 
other shades of spring color.
It is drought tolerant and seems to be quite content in this shady spot.

These orange lillies are exploding everywhere we go.
These were a pleasant surprise coming up in the side yard.

Every morning they greet us with a cheery burst of color and vibrancy,
then close up in the afternoons to get ready to put on another show the next day.

That's what's going on in our garden this week.
How 'bout you?
What wonderful discoveries have you recently made in the garden?

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