Friday, June 2, 2017

Garden Friday

Yesterday was the beginning of Hurricane Season.
It feels really strange not having to prep for it.
So grateful that we are not as vulnerable living up here.
We still keep supplies on hand,
but it's nice to know that we probably won't need them
(at least not until winter).
If you are in a hurricane zone,
don't hesitate to get your pantry and first aid kit stocked!

Garden Friday begins with BIG news!

I picked my first snap pea of the season this week.
Ooooh, have those babies been missed!
These are sugar snaps and you can guess how they got that name.
As long as I keep seeing them, I'll be pickin'!
If these aren't harvested when ripe,
it sends a signal to the crop to stop producing.

I found some old shoelaces of C's to use on the trellis
to guide the tendrils.
Work like a charm!

The beets are coming along, but not anywhere near ready.
They've been one of the slower growers in our garden.
We have both red and orange beets planted.
The beet greens are a lovely addition to salads,

The kale is small, but succulent.
I usually prefer my veggies on the smaller side,
as they always prove to be the most tender and flavorful.

The bad news is that the lettuce has started to bolt.
I've been able to pick without tasting any bitterness,
but it won't be long before they will have to be pulled.
No complaints here, they've been providing salads all spring long.
More has been sown to keep the good stuff comin'!

last week
We showed you our cauliflower plants last week,
and how they've blossomed into a wonderful border. 

this week
This week they were riddled with holes.

Not going out to check on them often enough,
these critters got a hold of them and went to town.

It was party time for the pesky creatures.
The crops in the front bed are pretty much decimated.
Ah well, that's life in an organic garden.
Lesson learned. 
Be vigilant!

The two cauliflower plants I have in pots on the front steps fared better.
We might actually get to eat some of this stuff.
I'll be keeping my eye on these two.

one month ago

The tomato plants are doing well.
No signs of pest damage so far.

this week

They seem to like this spot out front
with full sun nearly all day.
This is what they looked like a couple of days ago.
And the best news of all...

We've got flowers!
We're on the right track,
but I won't count my chickens just yet.
I have only had moderate success with tomato growing.
The fruit I've been buying at the farmers' market
has kept me hopeful that I will be able to enjoy some home-grown.
Keep your fingers crossed!

We'll be moving in a couple of weeks,
(more about that next week),
and taking our tin can garden with us.
The fun will begin 
when I can start mapping out my veggie beds
at the new place.
Looking forward to starting over and playing with garden design.

What are you harvesting from your garden in this first week of June?

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