Friday, June 16, 2017

Garden Friday

This week's Garden Friday comes to you for the last time
from our rental here in Sherrills Ford, North Carolina.
The move to our new property is scheduled for next week,
where we will begin a new adventure as a family.

Our "tin can garden" will be making the trip with us.
The beauty of growing in containers
is that you can, indeed, take it with you.
Much of what we started here on this property
will be restarted for the new growing season.
We still haven't figured out the logistics of where the veggie garden will end up,
but it's wonderful to have this time for planning and designing.

Two of our tomato plants will be readying fruit for the next tenants.
The variety on the left is the Arkansas Traveler
and on the right is the San Marzano type.

 These are sometimes called "paste" tomatoes,
because they are used for making gravy (pasta sauce).
Their shape is more oblong than standard tomatoes.

 The first Arkansas Traveler was spied yesterday.
Fortunately, we have more transplants to take with us,
so we hope to be able to sample these crimson gems later in the season.

 The six months we have spent here has been challenging.
There is just no getting used to renting
when you are homebodies like us.
We are so looking forward to nestling into our new home.

 Having been in a temporary residence for this short time
will allow us to truly appreciate having our own space.

 The garden here was planted by someone else,
and it has been thrilling to watch all of the changes
from December through the late spring.

It's almost like a new beginning,
discovering about growing in a less mild climate than I was used to.
Nothing tropical here,
so I am hopeful to visit some local botanical gardens
to  explore what does best in our region.
There's always something new to uncover.

I can't say we'll miss this place,
as wonderful as it looks in pictures,
it's been a trying experience.
Maybe we'll share that sometime in the future.
For now,
we choose to focus our attention on what is,
and that means a brand new start in our state of choice.
Hoping that you are feeling blessed on this late spring weekend.

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