Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Race City Festival

Last weekend, we went to an event known around here as
"Race City Festival".
It is held in downtown Mooresville the weekend of Race Week,
which marks the onset of motor racing in Charlotte.
Mooresville is about 20 minutes north of Charlotte,
and is known as "Race City USA".

A fine selection of arts and crafts could be found.

Artists and crafters using various materials
displayed their wonderful works.

This retired veteran showcased his walking sticks and other wooden pieces.
They were truly stunning!

On another table,
unique light switch covers were featured.
What a way to add a charming touch to any room.

These fabulous duck push toys made me wish my boy was a bit younger.

This same booth had many other whimsical treasures for sale.

The local police department was found greeting attendees
and handing out badges for the kiddos.

C enjoyed telling me about all of the parts of the fire truck.
The local firefighters were mighty impressed with his knowledge.

The band on the roof provided music for the event.

The old brick buildings of downtown Mooresville
are a testament to how life in a small town used to be.

While strolling along the tents,
we came upon a shop called Lost n Found.
The sidewalk displays lured us in for a closer look.

I was picturing this old Coleman cooler being repurposed
as the base for a coffee table or simple pantry storage.
It's a blast combing through these places
to see where your imagination will lead you
with the possibilities for vintage items.

These vintage seed packages were quite a find.
I wonder if they would still germinate?

The day was warm,
but we were glad we attended.
Another fun family outing getting to know the area.

What kind of festivals do you see in your community?