Friday, May 5, 2017

Garden Friday

It seems like it takes no time at all
for Friday to get here.
Every week is busy with house hunting, doctor appointments
and tooling around town, trying to get to know the area.
The garden isn't as far along as I had hoped,
but finding a homestead has naturally been a top priority.
We're making progress and I hope to be able to share good news soon.

The abundant rain here has done wonders for our crops.
The curly kale is finally looking greener.
No doubt the compost tea gave it a boost.
This is the first time I've grown this type of kale,
so I'm not sure how big it's supposed to get.
These small icing containers seem to be a good fit though.

Big news on the cruciferous front.
Our first broccoli head is forming.
We are hoping to get a good-sized head 
and many, many, many side shoots.
We started this crop from seed.
This variety, known as Pacman, is well-known for it's generosity of edibles.
The leaves can be harvested as well, and added to salads or sandwiches.
And of course, broccoli is one of the most nutrient-packed veggies out there.

This is snowball cauliflower and it is just forming fruit.
These seedlings were acquired from a local farmer
at the market here in Denver (NC).
This is a new crop for me,
and I can hardly wait to sink my teeth into it!
I'm thinking roasted cauliflower, carrots and beets.

Speaking of carrots,
the bucket is bursting with carrot tops.
Hopefully, the butterflies won't be laying eggs on these,
so I can harvest them for garnishing.
Swallowtails, especially, enjoy munching on these green, leafy morsels.

Bigger stakes are needed for the snap peas.
They are growing out of their containers,
so I will most likely pick up a couple of bamboo poles
and set up a baling twine wall for them to climb.

I'm doing it.  
I'm really doing it!
I'm growing tomatoes!
They were transplanted into the front bed a couple of weeks ago,
and are now filling out the cages that I placed them in.
Tomatoes are something that I've had mixed success in growing.
I have kind of a deal going with myself,
that I will consider myself a true farmer
 if I can successfully grow delicious, juicy, flavorful maters.
So far, so good!
I'm feeding crops every three weeks with the compost tea
I made from the turkey poop gifted me by my farmer friends back in Florida.
They supplied us with enough fertilizer to last a while.
It looks like it's working!

As spring has awakened,
the ornamental plants around here are struttin' their stuff.
I have no idea what most of them are,
as they are very different than what I grew in my Florida-friendly garden.
It's a revelation to see these beauties come alive,
knowing that they have their own internal timer that triggers the brilliant display.

I certainly hope you're enjoying your own spring wonder.
Take some time to find something new in your surroundings.
It'll brighten your whole outlook.
Enjoy your weekend, y'all!

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