Friday, May 12, 2017

Dainty Dianthus

There's not much new in the veggie garden this week,
so I thought it would be nice to share these sweet blooms today.

Someone planted a mess of these dianthus at this rental house.
It's obvious why.
After the cold and gray winter,
it's such a treat to have these pops of color all over the grounds.

These were one of the first blooms to show themselves in spring.
They are sweet and delicate,
and add of wonderful blush to the landscape.

These dainty beauties serve the gardener in zones 3-10 well.
Not only are they drought resistant,
but they attract birds and butterflies while deterring deer in the garden.

Although these blooms can reach heights of up to 30 inches,
most often they are used as a ground cover,
providing a carpet of colors in pink, red and white.
Planted en masse, they can be helpful in maintaining soil integrity,
in cases where erosion can be an issue.
Just as at home in containers,
they make a fantastic "filler" in potted arrangements.

These fragrant flowers are a welcome addition 
to an indoor display of cut flowers.
Their preference is for full sun in the garden,
although they will tolerate partial shade
and especially enjoy the cooler part of spring season.

This easy-to-grow perennial will bloom
from early spring right into the summer months.
They are a classic in the cottage garden,
even being called "cottage pinks" in some circles.

They are not even fussy when it comes to soil.
Even in clay soil, they will thrive,
given proper drainage to prevent stem rot
and providing even the laziest gardener
with months of bloom and fragrance.

The "pinked" edges are so unique
and the color combinations can be striking.
They look like someone came along with pinking shears
and went to work to create a design like no other.

With so many wonderful qualities
and the ease of growing,
maybe you should consider adding a few dozen of these to your garden.

What are some of your favorite spring blooms?