Friday, May 19, 2017

Garden Friday

This week on Garden Friday we're visiting an herb garden.
But not just ANY herb garden.
The Mundy House is a historical home in nearby Denver (NC).
We took a tour on Monday (you can find that story here),
and were secretly thrilled to be shown the beautiful herb garden growing there.

This gorgeous garden was the work of twin brothers,
seeking to earn their Eagle Scout status.
 Read their inspirational story here.

The Garden is maintained by the East Lincolnton Community Garden Club,
a bevy of volunteers who keep the beds flourishing and well-cared for.

An array of herbs seemed to be thriving here,
including basil, rosemary, thyme, and other fragrant treasures.

The original owners of this historical home  
had always tended a vegetable garden,
although it was located in a different area of the property.

It seems that they would appreciate their legacy continuing
with the care and attention to detail this garden offers.

No doubt the local pollinators are frequent visitors.

We noticed a few veggies planted in the center raised bed.
It was interesting to see the tomato cages used in this way,
with the open ends up and bamboo supports.
Our guide told us that last year's crop was so prolific
that the extra support was needed.
Love it when folks think outside the box!

What a wonderful testament this garden is to the generations of long ago.
Seeing it being nurtured by gardeners of today
speaks to the timelessness of self-sufficiency and gratitude for what we've been given.
I'm hoping that the garden club needs a few more volunteers,
as this type of project is right up my alley.
What a blessing to be among such generous souls.

Do you have any historical gardens in your neck of the woods?