Friday, May 26, 2017

Garden Friday

The last week has provided us with ample rain,
so there were few days conducive to picture taking.
Here's a quick update on the "tin can garden".
Romaine and kale continue to be harvested,
as well as some of the broccoli leaves for salads.
The broccoli head that I harvested was a bit disappointing in size,
but the flavor was perfectly succulent.
We have another seedling started,
so we'll see if we get similar results in that pot.

These seedlings await new pots.
At this point, with our moving date set,
I am hesitant to repot them, 
as they will most likely be finding a spot in the ground in our new garden. 
The leek and tomatoes are both screaming for more space.

The peas got moved to an established bed,
so that the trellis could be stuck into the ground to support the vines.
This week flowers were spied on them.
That means that sweet, tender, delicious peas are on their way.
Hot diggity!

The cauliflower out front has appreciated the extra room.
I like the way they look as a border plant,
and I'll most likely repeat this type of planting in the future.

There are a few holes in the leaves,
but when organic practices are used,
 you sometimes have to deal with less than perfect aesthetics.
I can live with that!

The tomatoes have been drinking up this blessed rainwater.
The Arkansas Traveler is on the left and
the San Marzano (used for making gravy) is on the right.
Looks like I need to get out there and weed a bit.
I don't want those weeds using up all of that fertilizer.

If you've read previous posts about gardening here,
you know that my personal litmus test
is growing a fabulous tomato.
Well, I'm on my way, folks!
See the bitty yellow flowers?
If I accomplish this feat under these less than ideal conditions,
I will be duly impressed!
It just goes to show that God's abundance is never ending.
After all, I just planted the seeds, 
He did the rest!

How's your veggie garden faring these days?

"The glory of gardening:
hands in the dirt,
 head in the sun, 
heart with nature.
To nurture a garden 
is to feed not just the body,
but the soul."
~Alfred Austin

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