Thursday, March 16, 2017

They Live Among Us

When we moved into this 100-year old rental property,
we knew we were in for somewhat of an adventure.
It's been an experience, for sure.
We've had visitations.

Strange occurrences taking place rose our suspicions.
The green paper had once been a long ago love note
from my sweet lil' C.
I had saved it all these years and was using it as a bookmark.
Shredded beyond recognition.
That hurts.

In another night table were found stray peanuts.
A few weeks ago, 
we noticed that the bag containing the peanuts we keep for the birds
had had holes chewed in the bottom.
We've had visitors, alright.

And here's one of the culprits.
It took only a day with this "Mouse Hotel" to capture the critter.

So far, we've caught two.
This simple little contraption works quite well.
It's been almost a week since we last baited the trap,
and no signs of tampering have since been found.

It's kind of hard to get upset about it
when you see how cute they are.
We don't want to live with them,
but we don't want them harmed either.

A nearby field (hopefully, not TOO nearby) was happy to oblige them.
C had a bit of trouble getting them to leave the hotel, but once they did,
they scurried off without looking back. 
Here's hoping that they have long, happy lives,
and don't make it into another home.
And no, 
we won't leave the light on for ya


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