Friday, March 17, 2017

Garden Friday

Thanks to scenes like this...

 not much happened in the garden this week.
The broccoli had barely come up
when the snow decided to come back for a visit.
Fortunately, these plastic buckets have lids,
so it was just a matter of covering them up during the coldest parts of the day.

 Most of the time, the newbies have been living in the utility sink
inside the house.
It's only a little warmer there.

 The seedlings that had germinated a few weeks ago
have been taken in and out to catch what sun we've had.

curly kale

The cauliflower pot was covered with a pillowcase
and doesn't seem to have minded the frosty weather. 
It's still growing well.

A few leek are trying to make their way out of the soil.
They are looking forward to warmer temperatures.

We've recently ventured into growing microgreens.
These broccoli sprouts were started a week ago.
They should be ready for pickin' today.

 Here are the alfalfa sprouts we grew a few weeks back.
They were rinsed and dried and made ready for...

a tasty lunch.
The flavor is so vibrant, you just know it's good for you.
Hopefully, with warmer weather looming,
we will have more goodies to plant.
What's going on in your garden?

Happy St. Patrick's Day!