Friday, March 10, 2017

Garden Friday

A couple of weeks ago,
I got a boatload of seeds in the mail
from my friends Faye & Lynn.
Slowly, I've been planting my "tin can garden"
and using plastic buckets acquired from the grocery store to sow the seeds.

Everything is coming along nicely, and we've even had a bit of rain.
Nice when Mother Nature cooperates.
I noticed broccoli coming up yesterday.  Yippee!
This week, a bucket o' carrots was sown.

I used shredded leaves in the bottom for aearation
(and to keep the pot lighter).

This time, I used the secret ingredient in the mix.
Turkey pellets have given Faye & Lynn's crops a remarkable boost.
Thankfully, they shared some of it with me.

I was able to fit a dozen seeds in this 3 1/2 gallon bucket,
placing them in a circle around the perimeter of the pot.
With only 1/2 inch needed between plantings,
they should have plenty of room to grow.

More leek was sown as well because,
really, can you ever have too much leek?
Another can of thyme and parsley was planted,
as the containers planted a few weeks ago are slow in growing.
Maybe I'm getting a bit impatient?

The alfalfa sprouts managed to green up.
They will be used on sandwiches.
It was a fun process,
so I started a batch of broccoli microgreens yesterday.

I added a loose soil mix to a plastic container
(no holes in the bin).

These should not last long, as C and I both love broccoli!

The soil mix was pressed down to make it denser and avoid air pockets.

The seeds were generously spread in the tray.

A wet paper towel (instead of another layer of soil)
was placed on top and pressed down once again
so that the seeds make contact with the moisture.

Add a bit of water, close the lid and keep it in a dark  place for a few days.
Check on germination by pulling back the paper towel.
Once germination has taken  place, put it near a sunny window
and let them grow until you are ready to harvest.
I put the cover on overnight to keep the moisture in
and watered only every other day or so.

This weekend we have the possibility for snow!
I thought the frigid weather was on its way out,
but Mother Nature had other plans.
The seedlings in tin cans are brought in every night,
but the crops planted in buckets can stay outside,
as long as their covers are in place.
This container gardening has so many advantages,
I can see that now.
It's not how I expected to be growing food,
but it sure keeps things interesting.
Changing the clocks back this weekend,
means we'll have more time in the evenings to garden.

Enjoy your weekend!