Friday, March 31, 2017

Garden Friday

One of the things I really love about living in North Carolina,
is the delightful spurts of rain we get.
Back in Florida, the steady pattern of thunderstorms
became more erratic and less predictable.
For a gardener, rain is such a gift.

 Our lettuce plants have been slow to get started. 
The next couple of weeks are predicted to be fairly mild,
with temps in the 60's and 70's.
Hopefully, more sunshine will get them moving along.

The leek have enjoyed the cooler temperatures.
A few more tin cans were sown with the two varieties we're growing.

The cauliflower out front is coming right along.
The collars placed on the stems
seem to be keeping the bugs at bay.

These cauliflower were actually transplanted on the same day.
I think they'll be ready for larger pots soon.

The lettuce is being harvested for salads now.
The container on the far left has been sown with snap peas.
Still waiting for some action there.

The carrots took their time,
but finally started popping at about the 21-day mark.

The tomatoes need to be transplanted,
as they are starting to get rather leggy.
We'll plant them on their sides, to ensure more contact area for roots.
The collar on the right side is to correct for a floppy stem.
I'm hoping it will help it straighten out.

The bushes out front finally have some color.

Help me out here, is this an azalea?
The flowers are big, vibrant and abundant.

The pansies are still going strong.
It's been so nice having flowers through the crazy winter changes.

These dianthus were planted by a previous tenant.

I have no idea what kind of tree this is,
but it's beginning to come into flower.
If you could see the condition of this poor tree,
it's nothing short of amazing that it is able to produce such beautiful blooms.

These are the flowers that are beginning to show themselves.

ID anyone?

amazing spider web

It's been a challenging week,
but being able to witness the changes that Mother Nature creates,
sure makes taking life's difficulties easier.

What's spring looking like in your neck of the woods?