Friday, March 3, 2017

Garden Friday

Last week, I mentioned that something came in the mail
that would help our cool weather garden along. 
It's from my dear friends Faye & Lynn back in Lake Wales, FL.

I was so excited when I saw the goodies in the package. 
Christmas in February!

There were countless seed packets with the varieties 
that they've grown successfully for years.
Beets, broccoli, leeks, lettuce, and more!

The side porch is being used to start plants.
It gets full sun most of the day,
so the "tin can garden" has been soaking it all in.

The tomatoes sown a couple of weeks ago are up,
as well as the parsley and thyme.

This week, several varieties of lettuce were started,
as well as leek and cabbage.

Seed tags were fashioned out of plastic 2-liter bottles
taken from the recycle bin.

As we are currently renting, we can't plant a garden in the ground.
We will be using these plastic buckets to grow our goodies in.
I've been collecting them from the grocery store where we do our weekly shopping.
The bakery and deli departments are great resources, as they usually just throw them out.
I'm gonna start asking at sub shops too.
We get something we can upcycle and they stay out of the landfill.

Drainage holes were made using an electric drill and bit.

We planted Lynn's broccoli and red beets,
as well as our own golden beets we got at Renfrow Hardware.

Since the buckets may need to be moved as the season progresses,
I didn't want them to be too heavy, so I filled the bottom 1/4 of the buckets with leaves.
This will not only keep them light, but aid in drainage and add nutrients.

A good, loose potting soil was added.
This soil was left behind by the former tenants,
for which I am truly grateful.
It won't go to waste!

Most days you'll find me out here tending my small garden-in-the-making.
It feels good to be outside working at what I love again.

The magic of seeds never ceases to inspire and amaze me.
What are you starting first in your garden?

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