Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Maple Hill Hop 54

Maple Hill Hop

Welcome to 
The Maple Hill Hop.
This is a hop for folks who love the outdoors.
Feel free to post about anything that's going on
in your neck of the woods.
(Please share only outdoor posts.)

On Saturday I participated in the yearly festival known as 
Pioneer Days, in Lake Wales.
My friends, Faye & Lynn, had a booth there selling
not only pesticide-free produce,
but many exotic and unusual plants.
We also enjoyed the festivities last year.

Rising at 4 a.m., 
we were on our way to being ready for the crowd by sunrise.

It's kind of fun being up that early
when nothing is stirring and the world is stock still.
Soon, the festival would come to life.

With over 100 vendors, 
there was sure to be something for everyone.

The Pioneer Village displayed a historical encampment, 
complete with a fire pit cooking beef stew for lunch.

Craftspeople exhibited their skills at handmade offerings.
This nice lady and I had a long conversation about knitting,
as I have had a tough time of mastering this valuable art.
She introduced me to the option of continental knitting.
I plan to check it out!

So many talented artists.

These hand-turned spoons and kitchen utensils were gorgeous!

While taking a break, 
I hopped on the tractor ride through town.
The homes in Lake Wales are exceptionally quaint.

Doesn't it just make you want to walk right up to the front door,
knock, and sit a spell on the porch with the owners?

Throughout this small town are hand painted murals 
decorating the downtown buildings.

Another favorite part of this event is the vintage parade.

Our family appreciates John Deere tractors,
as Big K hails from its home town.

We like pretty much any ole tractor.

It's always a great time to celebrate the humble beginnings of a neighboring town.
We were happy to be a part of it.
What outdoor festivals have you been to lately?