Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Maple Hill Hop 51

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While most of the country is putting their gardens to bed,
here in Central Florida, we are beginning a new growing season.
 Today we're showing how to grow radishes in containers.

 We're back on The Hill to show how we sowed radishes this past weekend.
Radishes are a 3-week crop,
so we'll see results soon.

Radishes are tiny seeds,
so we use tweezers to sow them in the enriched soil.
The ruler helps ensure proper spacing.

First we loosen the soil with this monster cultivator
we call "The Claw".

 The ruler does double-duty as a leveler.

Seeds are planted in 1-inch increments
all the way across the center of the pot.

At a depth of 1/2 inch, the job is completed quickly.

In a matter of weeks, you'll have a radish crop!

Succession planting will ensure radishes keep on comin'
all autumn long.
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