Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Maple Hill Hop 52

Maple Hill Hop

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The Maple Hill Hop
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The blanketflower we found on the "dead rack" is doing well.
All they usually need is a little water and love.
I love the faded colors.
Many of our varieties are chosen because they attract pollinators.

Our native milkweed plants are blooming now.

 The bright pop of yellow and orange is a welcome site in the garden.
These host the monarch caterpillars.

Soon we'll have seeds to save for more plants!

 The rattlebox is beginning to flourish.

These seed pods ensure that we always have them in our garden.
Once they turn brown on the stem,
they pop open and spread the seed.
You can actually hear them when the windows are open.

The beautiful orchid-like blooms are prolific.

 We tend to thin these out because they will take over.
The large picture on our header will attest to that!

 Zinnias have begun to wind down, 
but we're still getting many flowers to savor.

 They scream summer, but in our neck of the woods,
they last long into autumn.

Those that are spent will be pruned for seed saving.

 The desert rose that my friends Faye & Lynn gave me is blooming now.

With very little attention, it graces us with its beauty.

The bluejays have been enjoying the beautyberry plants.
The fruit isn't edible for humans, but we are happy to provide for our feathered friends.

The plumbego has soaked up every drop of rain we've gotten.
It's in need of a good haircut before cooler temps set in.

The shasta daisies seem to be relishing our still warm weather.

I love the leaves of this plant,
but for the life of me, I can't remember what it is.
Senior moments...
I'm looking forward to seeing what it looks like as it grows.

I hope you have something lovely to enjoy where you are.

Let's HOP!