Friday, October 17, 2014

Rural Renaissance Book Review

Rural Renaissance 
by John Ivanko and Lisa Kivirist

"Blending inspiration with practical how-to's, Rural Renaissance captures the American dream 
of country living for contemporary times.  Journey with the authors and experience their lessons, 
laughter and love for the land as they trade the urban concrete maze for a five-acre organic farm 
and bed and breakfast in southwestern Wisconsin.  
Among the many topics explored in Rural Renaissance are:

*"right livelihood" and the good life
*organic gardening and permaculture
*renewable energy and energy conservation
*simplicity, frugality and freedom
*green design and recycled materials
*independence and interdependence 

An authentic tale of a couple whose pioneering spirit and connection to the land 
reaches out to both the local and global community to make their dream come true,  
Rural Renaissance will appeal to a wide range of free agents, conservation entrepreneurs 
and both arm-chair and real-life homesteaders, regardless of where they live."

What struck me most when reading this book was the absolute awakening concerning creating a life that feels right.  By following one's heart, good things will happen.  The authors explain how they forged a unique trail 
for their bed & breakfast, unlike any other.  Rather than following conventional standards, they fashioned their inn after their own heartfelt desires.  

Some of the differences you'll find at their getaway are:

1)  Reused and repurposed furnishings
2)  The use of homemade, natural cleaners
3)   Homegrown, organic food
4)  An emphasis  on creating an environmentally
and socially responsible haven for guests. 

It's no wonder that those who flock to their establishment
are of like minds.  What a great way to not only enjoy a needed vacation, 
but to support a business that believes in doing the right thing.  That's a winning combination.
This book was an interesting read and it made me want to book a reservation.
It's definitely worth your time.