Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Maple Hill Hop 16

Maple Hill Hop

It's Tuesday and time for 
The Maple Hill Hop,
where we pay homage to Jean 
by sharing our view of the great outdoors.

Not much to see, huh?
We've had temperatures in the 30's on quite a few nights.
The garden wasn't too happy about that forecast.
Brown is not a favorite color in the garden.

 Although this lantana was bitten by the frost,
it continues to rejuvenate itself with a few days in the sun.
This was pruned way back in hopes that we've seen the last of the dipping temps.

 The native salvia was looking rather leggy,
so it was also clipped way back.
The plants out in the back bed didn't fare too well.

 While the ones closer to the house did better.

The butterfly garden doesn't seem to have been affected too much by the cold.
Hopefully, we will soon see caterpillars visiting
and starting the butterfly cycle.
We plan to again post them on Craig's List
and give them away to families wishing to witness the miracle.

The passionflower vine just keeps on wowing us
with total disregard to Mother Nature's whims.

Let's see what's happening where you are!
Hop On!