Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Homesteading Where You Are Series-Raise

Welcome back to our Wednesday Series:

I'm daisy and I currently live in Central Florida.
Our family will be making the move later this year,
to a more rural spread in North Carolina.
For now, we share how we homestead in suburbia.

Today's topic is 

~Raise awareness.
It's gotta start here.  
By understanding where we fit in the big picture,
we are able to educate ourselves to determine
where our priorities lie.
Attending workshops, reading and talking with like-minded folks
can all be invaluable methods for enlightening one's perception.
We've already decided that suburbia isn't for us,
although we are making the best in our current location.
If we hadn't had this experience,
we wouldn't have known what we really wanted.
It's all good...

~Raise standards for the quality of life we want to experience, 
as well as the impact we want to make on our world.
Knowing what we want and striving to make it happen,
whether it's growing it ourselves or supporting a local venue.
We tend to spend time, money and energy on experiences,
rather than material possessions.
Memories are priceless.

~Raise hopes when designing our future.
Our dreams can be as big as we allow them.
One great quote I heard recently was,
"You can't dream big enough."
This effort to live better is an innate longing.
We are the creators of our own lives,
and the motivation to strive for something better
can prepare all of those hopes for reality.

~Raise our own food so that we are less dependent on outer sources.
By providing the necessities for our family,
we are less reliant on outside resources
and retain more control of our overall health and well-being.
We currently have a small garden and a few avocado trees,
but are hoping to expand this effort when we move later this year.
Our long-range goals include tending  fruit and nut trees, 

a large vegetable garden, a beehive, and raising chickens for eggs.

~Raise up the local community.
For those items that we can't provide for ourselves,
we will patronize local farmers who are cultivating with a conscience.
Understanding that we're all in this together
and fostering the sense that 
we can thrive in an interdependent system
allows all involved to excel in their areas of expertise.
Learn, and be willing to teach.

~Raise the next generation,
including the role that homesteading plays.
Homeschooling is an outstanding opportunity
to instill homesteading and homekeeping skills.
In North Carolina, we hope to have a teaching farm,
so that others can understand how fulfilling and meaningful life is 
when one's passion is followed.
The intrinsic satisfaction of a job well done
is worth passing on to future homesteaders.
Whether it is learning to repair an engine,
cooking from scratch, or creating a family garden,
these skills should continue to be passed down
with all of the reverence they deserve.

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