Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Homesteading Where You Are Series-Make

Welcome back to our Wednesday Series:

This is the second in a 7-part series
about how five bloggers strive to homestead right where they are.
Today's topic is  


Make it yourself.

Whether a gift, or something you can use in your own home, 
make it yourself and feel the satisfaction of using your
Homemade gifts are usually well-received,
as folks appreciate the time and effort taken to fashion
a handmade offering.
A fun challenge is to use what might be lingering already
just taking up space and converting it into a useful and decorative product.


Make it better.

Many items are much better quality when made by hand.
Choosing superior materials will reward you with a longer lasting product 
that can be handed down for generations.
Whether it's knitting hats for newborns, building furniture,
or sewing quilts for family members,
it feels good to know that you have done a quality job.


Make it from scratch.

We just flat out decided that we wanted to do as much as we can
to avoid the pitfalls of the modern American diet.
We use the same ingredients that our grandmothers used,
in a healthier way.
The dietary needs in our family vary,
due to sensitivities and personal choice,
so we accommodate them accordingly.
Things made with love always taste better, no?


Make it work.

We are blessed to have a handy man in our midst.
Big K can usually repair anything that goes wrong
inside our home, or with our vehicles.
Even if you don't have one of these guys around,
it's easy to find information about household repairs online or in books from your local library.
We strive to keep things in good working order by doing regular maintenance, 
which lengthens the life of most appliances and tools.
If items do need repair and we can't figure it out ourselves,
we enlist the help of small, local businesses to support our community.


Make it your own.

Our home is a reflection of ourselves.
It should be a place that displays what's important to those who share it.
Truth be told, I get a kick out of seeing how folks decorate.
When it's done well, it speaks volumes about the family dwelling there 
and I love seeing how others express themselves through their own, natural style.
What do these framed outhouses hung in our bathroom say about me?
Well, I'm a bit quirky, appreciate the unusal and don't plan on being like anyone else anytime soon.
It works for me.

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Five bloggers, 7 weeks,
Big Ideas!
Join us every Wednesday!

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  1. Such a cute idea to have the outhouse photos in the bathroom! I am completely hooked on looking at previously tossed things and trying to figure out how to re-use them. You are so right about how your home becomes a true reflection of who you are and I think when things are handmade it gives a true feel of the family who lives there. Love the ideas and that pasta dish looks mighty delicious!!

    1. Repurposing is a lost art. It's fun to rethink the uses for stuff you have around the house.

  2. It's so true! What we make ourselves is usually better quality than production line items. I love the outhouse photos in the bathroom. I may just have to borrow that idea. ;-) I like how you broke down the topic MAKE. Great categories and ideals, Daisy. :-)

    1. p.s. I scooted right by the pasta picture because I'm giving up grains as you know, but decided to have a second look after reading Staci's comment. It does look delicious but ... I see nothing, I don't see anything. lol

    2. Thanks, Sue. There is no pasta here, just keep on going...

  3. Great post! I love your take on the word "make." I am with you on all of these! Especially making food from scratch. The past few years I've really gotten into that and it brings me great satisfaction.

    1. Good for you! It really does add so much to one's life.

  4. That was fun to read! One of your best posts, I'd say! I think I need to sign your handyman up to help us. :)

  5. Daisy, great idea having this combine effort series posting on Wednesday. Of course being a guy, my creativeness involves power tools mostly outdoors. My better half that has since departed some 12 years ago brought the inside creative decorations to the relationship. I did freshen up a couple bedrooms with paint and such but as far as the finer touches of decoration .... not so much. It's pretty plain. Well, that was until my grandson came to live with me along with his Mom. Now his bedroom is decorated with Iron man, Hulk, and other Avenger's posters. And the daughter's room? Well let's just say that I try to keep the door closed and don't go in there much. She inherited a little of the hoarder gene from her mother. :-)

    Have a great Wednesday series day.


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