Monday, December 10, 2012

Snowy Greeter

We like to repurpose around here.
There was some styrofoam leftover from
Lil' Guy's Halloween costume.

It comes in sheets.
Last year, I made a recycled snowman
out of things we had around the house.
I wanted to have another snowman
greeting guests at the front door this year.

A plant saucer helped to make
the circular shape for the head.

Sharpies are great for so many things!
We drew on the back of the styrofoam,
so the marks didn't show.

A box cutter does a good job of cutting out the circles.

To make the larger circle for the body parts,
we used twine, a push pin and our marker
about 1-2 inches out from the edge of the first circle.

Three snowballs ready for stacking.

Toothpicks driven into the backs secured the pieces together.
(We later taped a broomstick to the back for extra sturdiness.)

Bells were added for buttons
using paper clips to attach them.

Shapes crafted from construction paper
give him a friendly face.
Scrap fabric was used for a scarf.

Happy Holidays to one and all!

Repurpose My Life