Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bloomin' Tuesday

Summer is upon us, but we've been blessed with a few
good thunderstorms to soak the garden.

It's been wonderful watching the birds
nestle on a branch in the shadiest part of our yard.

None have taken up residence here,
but I still like the look of natural bird houses.

This society garlic has lovely delicate flowers
and is oh-so-easy to grow.
It smells like its name too,
which is just fine with me!

This is a bloom from one of our peanut plants.
It looks amazingly like the rattlebox blooms.
Read more about this crop here.

Zinnias don't seem to mind the heat and pop up everywhere!

Our crape myrtles are blessing us
with beautiful snowy blooms.

Coneflowers are an alltime favorite.
Casual, but elegant.
I'll be saving these seeds, you can be sure.

Hope your garden is rewarding you with simplicity and charm.