Monday, July 30, 2012

Extend Yourself!

Before moving to Central Florida,
I wasn't that much into gardening.
Now I can't get enough.

The local extension center
is a wealth of information.
Their workshops, festivals and plant sales
have been featured
on Maple Hill many times.
Here is a list of just some of the knowledge
that can be acquired with this valuable resource.

Florida-Friendly Landscape Classes
to increase understanding of native or adaptive plants
that will thrive in the local climate.

Online Workshops
for those who cannot attend live classes
but are still eager to learn.

List of Demonstration Gardens
to enjoy and get a visual presentation
of design and plant selection.

Calendar of Events
to increase knowledge on a myriad of subjects.

4-H Program
so that kids can start a life-long love
of environmental hobbies.

Hurricane/Disaster Information
so that preparations can be made
in the event of life's uncertainties.

Take some time to explore
your local extension service.
You'll be glad you did!


  1. Great resource. Gardening is a nice problem to have....does stretch the wallet and makes us to strive learn how to propagate and seed collect.

    1. Yeah, seed collecting is a great way to save money in the garden. Hope y'all get some rain soon!

  2. Not into gardening????????

    I'm glad you came to your senses!


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