Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bloomin' Tuesday

Although we're back to no rain and hot weather,
we seem to be cooler than some parts of the country.
Fortunately, our garden is still giving us color.

The lillies are making another comeback.

Petunias and watermelon share space on the tepee.

This native cotton plant enjoyed last weeks' rains.

Marigolds can always be counted on to add color
in the summer heat.

This pine was given to us by some very generous neighbors.

Can't wait to see this coneflower open up!

It was a busy gardening weekend!

This guy seems to move from plant to plant.
Thankfully, he's no longer keeping Lil' Guy up at night.
Maybe he should become our family mascot.

Enjoy your Bloomin' Tuesday, y'all!