Friday, October 15, 2021

Garden Friday

Greetings from the Piedmont of North Carolina!
We have a short Garden Friday for you this week.
Fall is showing us her best with mild temperatures and low humidity.
It's such a blessing to spend time outdoors.
Most of our time this week has been tidying up the flower beds.
We've been working on seed saving from some of our favorites
like coneflowers, hyacinth bean, milkweed, nasturtiums, 
 rudebeckia, and zinnias.
We'll have a good stash set aside for next spring.
I had planned to move the yard waste pile
a couple of weeks ago.
The pile on the left is what I accumulate from fall to spring,
while the pile on the right is from spring to fall.
It was time to empty out the left side so that I could
begin using the right side.
Yellow jackets have made a nest there,
and I was stung on the ear while removing debris.
So, this project will have to wait until it gets colder.

Some of the trees are changing over to oranges, reds and yellows.
There will be a lot more to come,
as autumn subtly makes her presence known.

A few things are still growing in the garden
like beets, carrots, leek, okra, parsley and peas.
We are still awaiting germination on much of the
broccoli, chard, kale, and lettuce that was resown last week.
Garlic will be planted today!

Our garden flags have been changed out to reflect the season.
I'm also hoping to get to our scarecrow making this weekend.
The change in the weather is a welcome thing.
I hope you are enjoying the beauty of fall!


  1. Hooray for leaves changing! My favorite time of year. Tidying up flower beds is one of those jobs that takes longer than I originally plan for but feels so great once it's completed. That and leaf removal. I love the changing of the flags. Such a sweet way to welcome the next season. Wishing you a wonderful Friday and weekend!

    1. My favorite too!

      Hope you are enjoying the changes of autumn.

  2. Oooh, yellow jackets are no fun. Enjoy the changing colors of the season!

    1. My ear didn't think so!

      You do the same, Laurie!


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