Friday, October 8, 2021

Garden Friday

 Welcome back to Garden Friday,
where we share what's growing in our Piedmont garden.
It's been slow growing and our germination hasn't been stellar,
but everything from broccoli to tatsoi has been resown.
A few lettuce seedlings have come up,
including buttercrunch and green oakleaf.
With the blessing of rain these past few days,
we hope that we will have plants popping up quickly.

The snap peas have germinated quite well,
and I've decided that they will be grown for shoots instead of pods.
I may even look into getting a different variety of seeds
specifically for growing shoots.

Although I did put aside a few heads of our home grown garlic for planting,
I decided to order a bit more from Sow True,
just to ensure that we have enough to use and share.
Sister is a big garlic fan and we must keep her well stocked.
This crop will be planted in the next week or two.

Our sweet potatoes were harvested this week
and I have to say that I am very pleased.
It's the first time since I've been growing them
that I remember pulling them up in clumps.
We grew our own slips, so I wonder if that is the reason.

They haven't yet been weighed,
as they are curing in the garage,
but I hope to weigh them in another week or so.
At this point, it's a waiting game,
looking out for new seedlings in the garden beds.
We are in a transitional time
and I'm still dealing with skin issues on my hands,
and have lost a lot of motivation due to my discomfort.
We'll do what we can!
What do you have growing in the fall garden?


  1. Wow - that's a great sweet potato harvest!

    Our greens, green beans, beets and carrots are doing great! I started pulling all of the remaining broccoli (and gave it to the chickens of course) and tomatoes since they are pretty much done for the year. I'm hoping the cauliflower has the time to finish it's growth before our first frost and that the remaining peppers have time to ripen.

    I can imagine it's very difficult to do much when you're in such discomfort. Hugs to you. It's so difficult to navigate figuring out what's going on with your health. I finally have figured out my allergy issues and FINALLY was able to get off of my daily allergy meds. I haven't had a sinus infection in over 3 years. I rarely get sinus headaches anymore and I'm so incredibly grateful. But it sure takes a lot of work to figure it out. Now I am trying to be very careful to stay away from foods that seem to create inflammation in my body. I'm hoping you are able to get yours figured out and feel better soon!!

    1. Sounds like you still have a good harvest to come! Your garden really seemed to thrive this year.

      Yes, it is a challenge, especially for those of us who eat so cleanly. I'd be curious to hear about the foods you've learned to avoid. I'm still a work in progress...

  2. Oh Daisy, I'm sorry to hear you're having hand issues. It's no fun at all. Sending healing wishes to you. What beautiful sweet potatoes you grew! Ours were so neglected this year, we're expecting a meager harvest. What is the pretty purple flower amongst the nasturtiums? Is it a type of salvia? I'm gathering lettuce planted by our GD in late summer. I planted more seeds a week or so ago, but so far, only the carrots and beets have sprouted. Broccoli, cabbage and collard plants are growing well.

  3. Thank you for the healing wishes. I'll take all I can get! ;0D

    Yes, the purple flower you see amongst the nasturtiums is a purple salvia. The bees love it!

    You have abundance yet to come in your garden!
    Thanks for stopping by!


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