Thursday, July 26, 2018


Repurposing is a way of life.
We make do with what we have
and what we don't have,
we try to make.

This picture frame was found at our local ReStore,
complete with hanging hardware.
It was painted a creamy white 
and then slightly sanded for a distressed look.

The chicken wire had been sitting around for a while,
just waiting for a new life.
This roll was acquired (for free) several months ago,
along with a number of larger-sized wire rolls.
The chicken wire was attached to the frame
using our electric staple gun.

The Scrabble letters were found at one of our local shops downtown.
They can be used for so many things,
and because I love the game,
it makes it even more appropriate in this application.
The scrap of beadboard was leftover from our 
"Bad to the Bone Beadboard" project
that we completed last summer shortly after moving in.

The letters were originally glued onto the painted beadboard with Liquid Nails,
but because I had used craft paint, it didn't stick.
Fortunately, our resident handyman has a bin with dozens of screws.
It didn't take me long to raid it find just what I needed.
The screws were a scant 1/4" shorter than the tiles,
to ensure that they wouldn't come through the other side.

This handy-dandy vise assisted me with holding the frame still
as I attached the eyehooks.
The towel was placed to prevent damaging the painted finish.

For a little over a dollar,
these small eye hooks were purchased
and there will be a few extra for future projects.

Using a tape measure,

the hooks were placed about 6 inches in from each side.

Some narrow-gage wire was used to hang the beadboard
from the eyehooks.

This was a pretty quick project,
and I'm so glad we now have original artwork
to make our home more personalized.

The white frame really stands out against the teal background.
Combining so many things I love,
the rural feel of the chickenwire, the modern and fresh look of the beadboard,
and the Scrabble tiles, 
really customizes this piece.
The kicker?
It cost me a fraction of what I would have paid
had I bought it somewhere.

What have you repurposed lately?

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