Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Maple Hill Hop 32

Maple Hill Hop

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If you follow any of our garden posts,
you know how much I love this passionflower plant.
Not only does it look good,
it attracts several types of butterflies,
including the gulf fritillary.
When the butterflies come and lay their eggs on this plant,
the caterpillars that emerge feast on it
until they are ready to morph into a butterfly and the whole cycle begins anew.
Since we give away the cats when we have them,
I wanted to be able to provide folks with the host plant as well.

And since the vines were starting to take over,
I thought it would be a good idea to take some cuttings 
and see if it could be easily propagated.

After all, this much beauty should be shared, no?

I snipped a half a dozen or so vines off,

then trimmed them down and stripped the bottom-most leaves.

Placed in water, they await their turn for the next step.

Lynn, my garden coach, had generously shared some of his rooting hormone with me.

A hole was made in the cell packs to receive the vine.

A generous amount of hormone was sprinkled on the entire stem
and the bottom part of the cutting.

If these are successful, I'll be trying my hand at propagating other plants.

This is one plant that adds so much to the landscape
and is a benefit to critters too.
What's not to love?

What have you been up to outside lately?
Let's HOP!


  1. Daisy, I'm still just trying to get things planted. With Bradley being out of school, it's a challenge to have the available time to do much in the garden. Non stop energy with a short focus span makes for a long day of constant entertaining activity. It will continue until the end of June when he goes to see his Dad for six weeks. Hopefully, I can get some garden projects completed while he's away. Right now I get done what I can an hour here and there. Eventually it will all get done. Well, maybe.

    Have a great propagating plant day.

  2. Thanks for hosting! I've shared white lilacs on a grey day. :)


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