Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Maple Hill Hop 31

Maple Hill Hop

Welcome to 
The Maple Hill Hop,
where we share what's going on
OUTSIDE our doors.

An unexpected deluge came through last week,
cooling us off with delightful temperatures.
We decided to have one last family picnic
before the onset of the usual summer heat and humidity.

We headed out to a local park in Lake Wales.
One of the things we like best about this area,
is the number of biking trails and parks within a 20-minute drive.
Did you spot the Sand Hill Cranes on the right side of the photo?

 We picked up a rotisserie chicken at Publix for the boys.
I had some leftover rice and black beans and we all ate corn on the cob.
Can I tell you how marvelous it is to be able to eat corn again?
I'm scarfin' it up every chance I get!

And what picnic would be complete without watermelon?
It really hit the spot.

After supper, we headed out onto the trail
for a 2-mile bike ride.

It was pretty gusty,
although with so many trees blocking the winds,
it made for an easy ride.

 We wound our way down to the pier,
where folks fish and just enjoy the view.

The gazebo was recently added.

What a fantastic day to spend time outside.

Knowing that this is probably the last picnic for a while,
we savored every moment.
I hope you have some family fun planned !


  1. Daisy, sounds like you had a great time on your picnic outing. Since school will be over in just four more days, I'll have about three weeks to take my grandson fishing, hiking, biking, kayaking, swimming, and any other thing we can think of. Then he will be with his Dad for the rest of the summer. There may also be a YMCA camp involved and many community activities. Ah, yes, summer is almost here. Wait what happened to Spring? It's going to turn out to be a year with no real Spring weather I think. We have jumped from 50s for the high to 80s for the high and real soon it will be 90s.

    Since we had our killing frost just five days ago, I've replanted all the tomatoes and bell peppers. I just started the pumpkins, cucumbers, and squash in seed pots on the heat mat. The potatoes got nipped a bit but I think they will survive. Out of the eight hills I planted only five actually have sprouted up. It's almost time to plant the second layer for the great potato experiment. I'm not sure I'll be able to get four layers as this cold wet Spring has really put the growing season behind. I probably will get two layers for sure and maybe three but I'm guessing not four. Oh, well, such is gardening in Nebraska. Every year is a new and exciting challenge.

    Have a great family enjoyment day.

    1. Sounds like your grandson is in for a fun time! I agree, what happened to spring? ;0)

  2. Thanks for hosting! I'm getting back into the swing of things! Your picnic sounds divine, and looks like a fantastic time! I love watermelon and I agree...you can't have a picnic without it!

  3. Thanks for hosting! This week I'm sharing my picture post--a visit to a friend's homestead--and also *finally* my normal weekly post is about something outside! This week we went to a local farm and creamery to learn about cheese and (of course) pet baby goats. :)

    (That watermelon is making me drool! It will be *months* yet before we get any here!)

  4. Looks like a perfect day for that last picnic. I can't imagine. We haven't warmed up yet. We had SNOW last week---only a dusting thankfully, but that's how bad the cold has lingered. Oh well. That's spring up here---very see-sawing!
    Have a great week

    1. It was a good time. Easy. Relaxed. Hope you get some springtime soon!

  5. Oh my - corn AND watermelon???? I am drooling as I type. :)

    1. It was mighty good! ;0) Thanks for joining The Hop!

  6. I love love love picnics in beautiful places. In fact, I always have our picnic blanket in the car, just in case. :) Looks like a fab day!


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