Monday, December 16, 2013

Farm School Fall Series Week Thirteen

Farm School this week had us trying to figure out the weather.

 After a few sprinkles, we had spotty sunshine
with the promise of cooler temperatures overnight.

 These vultures decided to dry their wings on a nearby tree.

The beets are getting closer to harvest time.
Lookin' forward to that day!
I've missed them so...

A bounty of broccoli lies before us.

This beauty was brought home for Lil' Guy.

Lynn explained that it's vital to cut this crop at an angle,
to prevent disease from creeping in.
The rainwater can run right off.

The eggplant in the background isn't doing too well.
The Black Beauty variety in the foreground is much healthier
so more of it will be started.

Last week we showed you a unique way to plant scallions.
The first little buggers are coming up already!

Things in Peaville are lookin' fantastic!
Lynn himself is surprised to see how abundant the crop is here.

The plentiful blooms mean that a plethora of peapods are not far behind.

We worked on extending the end posts to accommodate the stalks.
Lynn uses what he has on hand and being a former boyscout,
prides himself on  always being prepared.

Metal stakes, removable tie wraps and baling twine keep these peas on the straight and narrow.

They have ample room to grow.

This was the first official pick of the season.
Guess who got to take these little gems home?

More peas in another patch are already climbing in the background here.
Oh yeah, we'll be rich with sugar snaps for quite a while.

Three types of lettuce are seen here:
Buttercrunch, Romaine and Simpson Elite.
All tender, sweet and oh-so delicious.

The leeks needed banking again.
We fill the pot up to the outside leaves, 

taking care to keep the soil out of the leaf folds.

The cucumbers we sowed a few weeks ago are showing their first true leaves.

We put up some hog fencing to support the vines when they get a bit bigger.

Plenty of seedlings are being pampered
so that the goodies just keep on comin'!

Another salad variety, Red Salad Bowl has a good start.
This is my very favorite of the varieties grown here.

It feels good to accomplish the tasks Lynn has on his checklist.
This garden is a remarkable place.
The tender care it is given is evident in every mouthwatering bite.


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  1. Your photos are always so amazing. That tree with the vultures in it is incredible! Love seeing all the lovely produce. Makes me anxious for Spring. I LOVE sugar snaps! :)

  2. Oh those peas are making me drool! YUM! And what a smart way of cutting the broccoli - one of those things that I see and go DUH! totally makes sense to make water run off! And there is no end to the uses for left over baling twine, is there?! Glad someone is getting some gardening in :)

    1. We're glad to share it all with you. Hope you are enjoying the holiday season.

  3. These pictures really make me anxious for spring!


    1. We hope it helps you folks up north get through the winter a little easier.

  4. It's great how well the peas are doing! It's always nice to see your farm school photos because it gets me thinking about next year's garden and what I want to grow. Still a ways off, but it's fun to plan :)

    1. Planning is always fun. Thanks for stopping by!


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