Monday, December 2, 2013

Farm School-Fall Series Week Eleven

The day was cool and overcast,
downright dismal.
But Farm School always puts a smile on my face.

The garden is filling out with new transplants and seedings completed daily.

Our check on the garden found the brussels sprouts doing well.
With their interesting growing pattern,
I can hardly wait to see what these babies do!

I could just drool spying the luscious eggplant.
And yeah, it tastes as good as it looks.

Everything on this side of the garden is doing well, 
including peas that were recently planted.
You'll notice the lettuce on the lower left-hand portion of the photo.
You know that went home with me!


The Romas are slow in coming along, but the crops are loaded with fruit.

I know they'll be worth the wait.

 Our first goal was to transplant this slow-bolt cilantro into larger pots.

Lynn had recently mixed up some of his super soil mix.

We fill the pots to overflowing to accommodate the settling that is sure to occur.

 Ready for planting!

 We also seeded broccoli.
Established plants will be ready for harvest within the next week or so,
and this batch will follow up behind it.
Broccoli takes about 2 months from seed to harvest.

On the other end of the garden,
we transplanted these gorgeous banana peppers.

 They will no doubt appreciate the added room to grow.

 The planting depth is measured using the trowel.
We start at the bottom of the rootball and stop at the first set of leaves (where you see my gloves).
This gives the plants ample support because so much of the stem is in the ground.

The first leaves (or dicots) are removed.
The soil should come just up to this point.

Ain't that a perty sight?

It was even more peaceful here than usual this week.
We sometimes work without words, 
enjoying the songs of a variety of wonderful warblers.

The overflowing bags of lettuce are a welcome treat.
All of the goodies taken home this week
will be thoroughly savored.
I'd like to make ratatouille,
but the tomatoes are SO good, I don't think they'll last!
Life is good my friends...

Wanna know how we got started with Farm School?
The story begins here.

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  1. I can't tell you how delicious fresh veggies look as we head into winter. Everything looks amazing!!

    1. We are blessed to have it almost year-round. Wish I could send you some! ;0D

  2. Everything is looking good! Especially the eggplant and sage. I still have some sage hanging on! It's very hardy.

    1. The eggplant has been delicious. Isn't it nice to have herbs inside for the winter?


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