Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Here ya go, honey!

Remember a time when things were simpler?
When folks could make a living doing what
they loved and did it for generations?
That time still exists in Lake Wales, FL.
Welcome to Struther's Honey.

This family business has gone through 4 generations
in the same location, making golden, delicious,
unprocessed honey for those of us fortunate
enough to live nearby.

The inside of the tiny store displays not only
their scrumptious confections, but also
the history of the family business in pictures.

The kicker? 
They use the honor system to collect their income.
You simply take what you want, add up the amount,
and place it in the box.
How many places still do that?
Just this endearing practice alone
would make me continue to support them.

I feel blessed to be able to purchase a product
from folks who live their passion.
Quality control is never a concern because
they believe in what they are doing.
I'm so glad they do because I plan to
keep going back and fillin' up that box!

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  1. I love stories like this. How great to have a high quality local product. Good for them for staying in business all these years. I bet it taste heavenly.

  2. How great is that! We also have a bee keeper about half an hour from here, and he has someone come to the different farmers market to sell his honey. It's pure, raw and local: I'll buy that anytime over the supermarket stuff! And I even found a great big bar of his beeswax at the last market. So now I'm starting to experiment with that :)

    Thank you for your comment on my last post. Your idea of letting the kids come up with the story is fabulous! I'll remember that next time!

  3. Hi Daisy...It's so nice to see that the honor system is still alive and doing well. Next time I get over to Bok gardens I'll have to stop by and buy some honey.

  4. Jane-I'm glad they're still there. It's all word-of-mouth too!

    Sunshine Mama-I'd love to know what you are planning with the bees wax! Candles, perhaps?
    Glad to help!

    Susan-The prices are very reasonable. I bought a 3 lb. jug for $10! Well worth the trip.

  5. One of the things I LOVE about Central Florida... small towns and family-owned businesses still flourishing. We love to stop and buy honey from roadside stands. Thanks for sharing this.

  6. Meems-Yes, old Florida is so charming, isn't it?


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