Friday, March 4, 2011

Front Cover

Give It Up!  by Mary Carlomagno
"Would it be possible to live without the designer coffee, the Kate Spade bags, the technology that were a part of my everyday existence?  Could stripping away some of those items and habits make me appreciate what I have?  I created a plan.  Each month for one year, I would choose one of my favorite things and give it up, cold turkey, for one month.  This would become my year to live better with less."

As mentioned in the introduction of this book, the author set out to discover what she could do without to make her life better.  What an interesting personal challenge.  Each month of the year a different luxury was given up like alcohol, shopping, television, or (OMGosh!), chocolate.  Through her experiences, she seemed to realize that giving up things she thought she needed gave her inner strength.  She kept the committment to herself and was better off for it.  This book could prompt a bit of self examination if one is leaning toward simplification.  I'm already on that path but still have a way to go.  One thing I'm pretty sure about.  I won't be giving up chocolate anytime soon...


  1. Very good idea. But I do love having some nice things, that's just a little reward for working so hard. I figure if I get them second hand,or made local, at least it is doing less damage. I hope :)

  2. The last thing I'm giving up is my chocolate. I'll give up a lot of other things before I get to that point. Let's see...I think I'll give up housework for a month...does that count? It would give me more time for contemplation! :-)

  3. Jane-I love the thought that the object I'm purchasing at a thrift store or yard sale has had a previous life.

    Susan-You know I'm with you on that one. Housework? Hmmm, hadn't thought along those lines...;0)


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