Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Push Is On

This week we received yet another violation notice from the HOA. This time it said our sunflowers out front were too tall (overgrown vegetation is how they described it). That about did it for me. It looks like the time to move on has come. I will send a letter of appeal, as I always do when this occurs. I just don't want to spend my time and energy dealing with people who don't see the bigger picture. It's more important to me to use my resources toward continuing the journey we have started as a family.
That's what's important.

We will be working on getting our house ready for the real estate market and pray that Legoland coming is enough of a draw to sell it soon. I'm choosing to see it as a positive in our lives. We will be relocating out of state and starting over on our terms. We will be with family and begin work on realizing the dream of starting a theraputic farm for kids on the spectrum. I'm so looking forward to my boy having his tinkering shed out back. And having room to plant whatever I want, wherever I want.
I foresee a lot of whimsy in our future garden.

I'm grateful for what we've accomplished here and especially the folks that we've met and come to know as friends. It's time for the next stage, scary as it might seem.
Faith will see us through.
It will work out. It always does...


  1. You will be fine. Don't take it personally it isn't about you it is about them. God's speed.

  2. Ah, Daisy, it is the trouble with HOA's... near-sighted and usually petty. I do hope you can fulfill your dreams... maybe sooner now than you expected?

    BTW, your sunflowers are just lovely.

  3. Terry-Thanks for your good wishes.

    Meems-Yeah, I try to pay attention to the inner voice. It's an opportunity coming sooner than expected. It's all good...
    Thanks for appreciating those lovely stalks!

  4. Hi Daisy...You're right. It is a chance to make that move toward the life you want. I guess, perhaps, you should be thankful to the "complainers" for giving you that little push that will move you closer to your dream.

    I am sorry to hear that you will be leaving the state, though. But, I'll look forward to watching your family's dream grow wherever you move to.

  5. Thanks for the kind thoughts, Susan. I agree, it may be the push to enable me to truly trust in myself and God for what lies ahead.

    We must go where we are drawn... I plan to continue blogging through it all.


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