Friday, October 8, 2010

Natural Learning

Today was a great day for homeschooling. 
We started by finishing up our latest installment of The Boxcar Children. We've read over 20 of the books in this series, and always enjoy them. In fact, my boy is now writing his own version with a modern twist. He's been working on it most of the day. 

It's amazing to me how when I leave him to his own devices, 
he comes up with ideas 
that I would never have seen on any lesson plan. 

The story we finished over breakfast took place in New Orleans, so we had an opportunity to discuss the culture, food, climate and language of the area. 
He also decided to complete his wooden puzzle of the U.S. map, noting the connection between several southern states. We discussed capitol cities, state sizes and shapes, the Nation's Capitol and a myriad of other geographical and science-related topics. 
It's really amazing where books can take you.

Thinking about what his typical day in a public school would have been, I'm grateful that he can have time to study what he enjoys while incorporating all subject areas. He's got all day to let his interests take him where he wants to go, learning what he needs to learn at this time of his life. 
Such freedom is not taken lightly. I relish the thought that he never has to "perform" for strangers on a test that will probably have no relevance on his life. His
day-to-day life is preparing him for "real life". 
His creativity can flourish with his thoughts.

Thankfully, he can become more of himself every day, instead of having to figure out who that is down the road. 
I'd say that's a worthwhile thing...

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