Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Change Is Good!

Let's face it.
Change can be hard.
Even though we know that 
it's best to shake things up a bit from time to time,
straying from the customary can be a struggle.
Our family thrives on routine and the familiar.
Last year, we made three big changes
that really paid off.
The Top Three Changes in 2020

We have permanently ditched the plastic water jugs
in lieu of this fantastic system.
For years, we wrestled with the dilemma of
needing clean water to drink and with which to cook,
while despising the idea of a steady stream of plastic 
coming into the house.
The Berkey turned out to be the best solution.
It gives us a safe and reliable source of water,
is renewable and long-lasting,
and it saves us money.
We would recommend it highly to anyone
who is looking for a way to reduce or eliminate
their plastic bottle dependence.
Getting Chickens
It was almost by accident that we acquired poultry.
My good friend was relocating out of state
and needed to find a home for her 60+ birds.
With only a little more than half an acre,
I knew we could only take a handful,
but we are so glad we did.
I had been thinking about becoming a chicken keeper
for the last few years.
In fact, one of the reasons we chose this neighborhood,
was because there were no restrictions on having chickens.
So, we took the plunge.
It surprised me how much I grew to love it.
They are so rewarding to care for and it's been wonderful
learning more about them and their habits.
Even Big K and C, who are not big animal lovers,
have become somewhat enamored with them.
Who knew?
Along with providing eggs for our family,
the chooks are a source of non-stop entertainment
and will no doubt be helpful in the garden
with their poop-laden bedding and bug patrol.
It's been a win all around,
and rumor has it that the flock may be expanded come springtime.

This organic produce delivery service is something 
that I never would have thought I would use.
I've been shopping once a week for decades,
but wanted to find a way to support organic farmers
and help stop the waste that happens with food in our country.
Misfits produce is all organic, minimally packaged
and mostly incredibly delicious.
A few times we have gotten something 
that was past its prime, but
our overall satisfaction with the service is quite high.
It feels good knowing that we are helping to use food
that might otherwise be tossed out and in keeping with our more ecological ideals,
there is no plastic wrap involved in the packaging of the ordered items.
For the last few months, we've even been able to customize our order,
making the service even more appealing.
We will continue to support and promote this valuable business. 

So, maybe these three great experiences 
will help me become less resistant to change.
It's a new year and a brand new chance
to try something different.
What changes do you plan for the new year?


  1. Great post! I love my Berkey and my chickens too! I had never heard of Misfits, however. Thanks for the heads-up!

    I have to add that my biggest obstacle to change is routine/habit. Once I figure out how to work something into my routine, the change usually succeeds.

    1. That makes sense. If it allows one to be more efficient or productive, it's worth it.

  2. We are a Berkey family too! Even too our on the road for a year of travel as Park volunteers. Chickens are next...

    1. What a fun adventure that must have been! You'll be so glad you added chickens to your homestead!

  3. I love this! What a great list and reminder that change can be oh-so good. I'm happy to hear that the entire family is enjoying the flock. They really are funny to watch - it's one of our favorite parts of the day! Have a great week.

    1. They really are a joy.

      Hope you are enjoying your week!

  4. Daisy,
    I admire you for rescuing your friends chickens. We can have up to five hen chickens in my neighborhood and there are a couple neighbors that do have chickens. I am not one to want livestock. It requires me to be at home certain times every day. Plants and gardens are a little more forgiving and automation can be used easier on plants than animals and birds. I enjoy my wildlife animals and birds. They can take care of themselves without help from me.

    Have a great chicken keeping day.

    Nebraska Dave

    1. Well, it's not for everyone! I wonder if you get eggs from your neighbors.

      Thanks for visiting, Dave.

  5. Misfits Market... PREACH! Yes, yes, and yes. Everything you wrote about MM - I agree. We have always purchased our produce weekly (what we can't / did not grow) from either the grocery store or farmers market. While I do envision us buying from the farmers markets once they are back in nicer weather, I absolutely love MM. Last night we cooked up mashed rutabaga. I have never had it before and it was SO GOOD. It was a MM veggie and Daisy, it was perfect. How this veggie was earmarked for a landfill is beyond me. I think the food waste in this country is one of the biggest shames.

    And, like you, we took the chicken plunge in 2020 as well. We had been talking about it for years, and last spring, it just made sense for us. I am glad we did it.

    Change - even good change - can be challenging, but that's life I suppose! Here's to only positive changes for you and yours in 2021!

    1. Yes, I'm proud to be a Misfits Momma! I'll have to remember that about the rutabaga. Never tried it before.

      Thank you for the well wishes.
      Be Blissed!


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